Maybe you should make brochures for Interlingua and distribute them.

The ambassador returned.

I appreciate the gesture.

Don't point at others.

That's not what I said at all.

I don't think that's very likely to happen.

In 1876 there was created the dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary, in which Hungary enjoyed a greater amount of autonomy.

I appeared on television once, but nobody believes me.

Pablo grabbed Randell's arm.

That shirt looks good on you.

They split their sides laughing.

I wouldn't have said it like that.

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I use numbered index cards for each student.


Don't worry about it, I'll go myself.

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Julian is better than any other player on the team.

You're always complaining.

Please don't order anything perishable.

I cannot plant trees here. This land is too dry.

I've forgotten almost all my French, but you can speak German.


Can you break this thousand-yen bill?

Is this the dictionary which you are looking for?

Nathaniel told Claudia she didn't have to worry about John anymore.

It was bad enough that he usually came to work late, but coming in drunk was the last straw, and I'm going to have to let him go.

Fiberglass doesn't rust.


We've got to be ready in thirty minutes.


Without your help, he would fail.

He doesn't even know your name.

I get out of the hospital next week.

You should've married me.

Donn has been living in Boston for a long time.

What'll Elsa do tomorrow?

I like to remind my mother of those days.

You two were good together.

The Tower of London was once a State prison.

Tracy lost her glasses.

I often eat apples.


That might look like you're giving yourself a gift.

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We're going to have a lot of fun.

Do you have to go home now?

It's a complicated story.

I've seen you do it before.

Come on, give me a kiss.

Let's get out of here before Stephe sees us.

Does that mean you'll stay?

Japan is the best country in the world.

Teruyuki looked at the floor.


After putting up this bloody Ikea wardrobe, I found myself with three screws in my hand, and no idea where they were meant to go.

Is she dead?

I am a dancer by trade and I teach jazz dance.

I could lose my license.

Those two runners were head to head right up till the finals in the Olympics.

Man is the hunter, woman is his game.

Be wise and pray to a merciful god.


We parted at the station at three.

Sofia went to the airport to see Jackye off.

I don't want to see Hal anymore.


It's a cruel world.


I am going to the post office.


We haven't visited her new house.

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The hotel has a lot of foreign guests.

Cow's milk is tastier than soy milk.

Things that modify nouns (adjective, or adjectival equivalent).

He will soon be weary of the task.

I am so hungry that I could eat a cow.


This was the best-selling book last week.

I'm wondering whether to take on that job.

He made a mistake on purpose.

A president's work is very interesting.

Her suggestion is worth considering.

I need to vent my anger.

You'll call me if anything happens, right?


Every sentence in this book is important.

Honey, are you here?

Don't you think that's a little too much to pay?


I don't know what to do about her.

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Can I see him today?

Marci could be anywhere by now.

Prices have been rising since last year.


This is absolutely ridiculous.

My father recently quit smoking.

My name is not Karen!

Just let me talk to Lex.

I'm not quite sure who we should hire.


Max didn't keep Shadow waiting long.

How are you doing? I haven't seen you for an age!

Today, I am feeling a lot better.

He even suspected that the man was the principal offender.

People will accept your idea much more readily if you tell them Benjamin Franklin said it first.

He resigned his post on account of illness.

He can do what he wants!

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The ship left the port, never to be seen again.

Phillip waited outside the closed door.

The fact that a man lives on the same street with me does not mean he is my friend.

I love my work.

We're perfectly safe.

Meditation is very important in Buddhist cultures.

Let's not get carried away here.

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One can't do more than one thing at a time.

Eat what you are served, no buts about it.

Who did you tell?


This party is sick.


Supplies were trucked in from as far away as California.

My hour has not yet come.

Lar is working on a new song.

In accordance with the public opinion poll of the Gallup university, 44% Americans think the world is younger than 10000 years.

We'll be there in a minute.

Nigel was supposed to go to school today.

You've been informed of your account state three days ago.

Go straight on, and you will find the store.

They all looked for the missing child.


I talked to Joshua again.

How much money did you lose?

I speak only Italian.

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Make haste, or you will be late.


I haven't my dictionary at hand.


What kind of book do you want?

She's terrible in bed.

It reminds me of Cris.

We have to win.

One theory held that a meteor killed the age of dinosaurs.

Who painted it?

The ice was so thick as to walk on.

I wish I'd never stepped foot in this house!

What do you think we can do to help Jochen?


You should go to school.

The policeman did not believe my story, and I thought it was no good arguing with him.

I am Italian.

What if you lost your life in Iraq?

I didn't realize that Tovah had never gone to high school.

Clyde kicked me.

Is it Tuesday already?

Barney comes to Boston every two months.

What did you experience?


You're not hurt, are you?

Men's wants become greater in proportion to the increase in their income.

I want to get a divorce.

I want to be a goat.

Both were extremely rich.


They're still kissing.

Joshua may be hurt.

It'll never last.

Jagath is waiting for you at the stables.

Bad weather upset our plans to go on a hike.

I just got off the phone with my lawyer.

The whole town was blown out.

Shirley was here as well.

He is liked by all even though he has his faults.

Your closet is already packed. You will have to make room for the new clothes you bought somewhere else.

I haven't seen her here before.

I want some answers and I want them now.

Rainer said he would come over this evening.

She's the girl of my dreams.

He's supporting you voluntarily.

Who do you think will win the tournament?

Several races live together in America.


He was very tall and slim, with long arms and legs.

I love to sleep.

What if it's too late?

I have to go now. Bye!

It's you who are confused.

I've never told you what actually happened.

I'll just sit here and wait for Pandora.

He likes to travel abroad.

Sea turtles are magnificent creatures.

We were able to start catching fish soon.

Floyd never gets invited to parties.


You look like a girl.